Conscious Spending
Made Easy

Aplauz is prepaid digital credit that you buy online or in a retail store down the street and spend online.

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You'll love it if you:

Don’t own a
credit card

Own a credit card but don’t want to share your details online

Want to buy digital products in the safest way possible

Want to stay in control of the money you spend online

Put your hands together for Aplauz

How it works

Walk to a retail store or go to an online store

Get your Aplauz code number voucher
Go to your favourite website
Enter the 16-digit code number
Pay and go

Let’s give it up for Aplauz

Aplauz for a fair way to pay

Aplauz was designed as a new payment method that empowers people to make conscious spending. It eliminates the risk of losing control of your spending or privacy.

Budget control

The temptation to go over budget online is high. Aplauz puts you back into the driver’s seat, helps you monitor your spending, and set personal limits.


Prepaid payment methods usually have fixed amounts (CHF 5, CHF 10, etc.). Aplauz lets you choose, even if you need a very specific amount (for example, CHF 17). Also, you are literally a few steps away from it: you can find it in a local store or purchase it online.


Not comfortable revealing your personal data online? Worried about financial fraud? You’re not the only one. In fact, studies prove that 41% of people stay away from online shopping to avoid potential fraud. Aplauz takes that concern away entirely, because it doesn’t need your personal or financial information.

Buy Aplauz

Online Stores

Buy Aplauz online at one of our partner shops and get your 16-digit code in a quick and simple way.

Retail Stores

Press Books - Aplauz
Kiosk - Aplauz
Avec - Aplauz

Buy Aplauz in a store just around the corner and get the 16-digit code printed out.
If the store doesn’t understand how to sell you an Aplauz voucher
then click on the link and show them these instructions.

Find a store

Find a store near you

Where to spend Aplauz

Aplauz connects the offline and the online world, real life and the virtual space.
It’s like a bridge between two worlds where you can use your Aplauz digital credits. Find out where you can use Aplauz.


Check your Aplauz Balance

You can check your remaining credits at any time by entering your 16-digit code number here.

Transaction history
Date/Time Shop Amount

Combine multiple Aplauz codes

Over time, you will probably buy many different Aplauz codes: whether you’re targeting a specific amount (CHF 17) or a rounded number (CHF 20), the choice is yours.

But what happens when you end-up with some money“leftovers” on one of your Aplauz codes?

Don’t worry, you can still use those credits by combiningdifferent Aplauz codes numbers to pay online.

Online and in-store bought vouchers can be combined when used to pay.
Aplauz makes sure you don’t lose a cent!

Keep it safe with Aplauz

Aplauz is one of the safest ways to make online payments as you don’t need to enter
personal details, bank account information, or credit card numbers. All you need to type
in is the 16-digit code number from the voucher and you’re good to go.

If you lose your Aplauz code number, you can quickly lock it and ensure no-one else can use it. In order to do so, simply send an email to

Just like game characters, Aplauz comes with a strong protection shield: built-in security systems that keep hackers away.

3 rules for 100% protection

  1. Only enter an Aplauz code number at one of our partnering websites
    (see the list here).
  2. You can share or turn an Aplauz digital credit into a gift, but never share an Aplauz code number over the phone, in an email, or in messaging apps.
  3. Lost your Aplauz code number? Report it immediately to us and request a code lock.
If, for whatever reason, you feel insecure about anything related to Aplauz, contact our Customer Service; they are always happy to help.

Aplauz fees & limits

Using Aplauz digital credits to make online payments is free. However, there are a couple of situations where some fees may apply:

Maintenance fee

If you have some money left on your Aplauz credit balance for over a year, after the 13th month we will deduct a monthly service fee of CHF 3,00.

Redemption fee

A refund entails a fee of CHF 8. This is deducted from the refunded amount. This fee applies to each refund. Additional fees from your bank may apply.

Learn more in our T&Cs