There is a balance-check tool right on the homepage for you to view the current balance and status of your Aplauz digital credit.
You cannot cancel the transaction that has been successfully completed with an authorized webshop. If you need a refund, your webshop refund policy applies and it must be arranged directly with the website where you made a payment.
Processing a payment means that once you clicked “pay” on the checkout page of a website, the transaction validation is sent to that website. It usually takes just a few seconds.


OK, this is serious. Getting a notification to regain access to your computer is a scam and your computer has probably caught a virus! Any government authority or any legitimate business will never ask you this. It’s really important that you never enter an Aplauz code number in an attempt to regain access to your computer; that will seal the virus and you will lose your Aplauz digital credit balance. Get support and professional help to remove the virus.

If you have already entered your Aplauz code on an unauthorised website, contact our Customer Service department as soon as possible (preferably by phone), so that we can try to lock it before it’s used.

You can find the phone number here.

Please note that we can lock an Aplauz code only if the perpetrators have not used the balance of the Aplauz credit. If they were quick and have already used a complete balance of your Aplauz digital credit, we won’t be able to refund or replace it. If that’s the case, we recommend that you file a police report. We will try to help them in answering their questions at this email: contact@aplauz.ch.
In one word – no! Never share your Aplauz code number with anyone. Aplauz should only be used by you to pay by yourself on authorized websites.
Great! You can ask for a refund to be paid to your bank account; please click here for more information.
Aplauz can only and exclusively be used at authorised websites. You can report this incident to the police and we can only help in answering some questions the authorities might have at contact@aplauz.ch. How can you make sure you are using Aplauz at the right place? Check our list of authorized websites here.

You can find more information on security questions about Aplauz here.


Up to 2 weeks after your request has been validated but don’t worry, we’ll email you as soon as it’s done.
It can take up to 3 weeks for you to see the amount on your bank account, but if this time has passed and you still haven’t received it, please email us, stating your refund reference number and the serial number(s) of your Aplauz codes(s) at: contact@aplauz.ch.

This process does require that you have a bank account, so prepare:

  • Your bank name, IBAN, BIC
  • A copy of your Aplauz voucher

We will also need:

  • A clear and readable copy of your Passport or national ID card
  • A clear and readable proof of address document (utility bill, rental contract, bank account statement, etc.)

Accepted Refund requests include a processing fee of 8 CHF, deducted from your Aplauz credit, while your bank may apply an extra fee.


You may have made an error when entering the Code of your Aplauz or there could be a technical issue or some information about the context of the transaction may not be appropriate. In any case, if the issue persists, contact our customer support, you can find the phone number here.

Usually, it all goes well within a few minutes but in very rare cases (like when technical issues happen) the website is unable to complete a transaction, even though the amount has been deducted from your Aplauz digital credit.

If it looks like that, please contact the website’s Customer Service for the amount to be credited retroactively. To ensure that your request can be correctly processed by the website, you should send these details:

– The Aplauz code serial number as indicated on your printed receipt

– The transaction ID that the online webshop may have provided you when you paid

– The exact amount of the transaction

– Your online webshop client account ID

– The e-mail address you used when you signed up at the website.