Drive Conscious Spending

Aplauz is a prepaid digital credit that customers purchase in a convenience store to make online payments without any of the traditional payment method or even having a bank accounts.

It empowers those who don’t own a credit card, or don’t want to disclose financial details,
to securely buy online, while staying in control of their spending.​

The need for making online payments
without credit cards is rapidly growing.


people prioritise financial data safety more now than before the COVID-19 outbreak.


of consumers would buy products online using cash if it was easy to do so


of people limit their online shopping to avoid potential frauds


of Europeans still don’t own a credit card!

Aplauz means new business for you

Reach your market
Aplauz can be found in 1,500 stores across Switzerland and soon in 20,000 stores all over Europe, visited by 30 million consumers on a weekly basis.

Seize the opportunity
Online shopping is growing and you should be a part of the trend: after the COVID-19 outbreak, 56% of all consumers moved their purchases online, while 18% of them had a first-time digital shopping experience. With Aplauz, you attract new customers.

How it works

A customer walks into a corner store
Buys an Aplauz digital credit voucher
Goes online
Enters the Aplauz 16-digit code number
Completes the payment

Online partners

Market access

Reach an untapped customer base, that doesn’t have access to the usual online payment methods. Convert your website users into customers by enabling Aplauz digital credits.

Get visibility

Be a part of the Aplauz product launch and add a new promotion channel via the Aplauz distribution network stores.

Higher conversions

Enable a payment method with a 100% conversion rate.

Distribution partners


Attract new consumers looking for Aplauz digital credits and become a player in the digital economy.


Increase your market basket size with Aplauz digital credits and generate new upselling opportunities


Integrate Aplauz directly or through a verified Payment Service Provider in just a few steps.