Aplauz, the payment method
that makes conscious spending easy

About Aplauz

Aplauz is a fair way to pay online. Launched in 2020 as a new payment method that empowers people to make conscious spending, Aplauz eliminates the risk of losing control of your spending or privacy.

An Aplauz credit voucher is prepaid at retail or online stores. It holds a digital credit value chosen by the customer. While paying with Aplauz, only the value on the voucher can be spent. Further charges are not possible. And the user is protected from misuse or fraud because the voucher holds no personal data.

To answer our user’s needs and requests, in 2023 we developed a mobile app that allows to make transactions with just a few clicks and enables even more spending control.

Aplauz is perfect for anyone who would like to avoid the risks associated with the traditional online payment methods. Someone who pays with Aplauz knows exactly what they are spending.

That’s what we call conscious spending.

Aplauz Manifesto
Aplauz Manifesto

The story of Aplauz

Aplauz was founded early 2020 by Own.Solutions, a company with experience in the fields of online and in-store payment collection as well as digital credit activation solutions. Because there is still a significant share of customers who do not own a credit card or a bank account and people who do not want to share their financial data online for security or privacy reasons, the team’s vision was to empower these customers with a prepaid payment method sold at retail and online stores in the form of digital credits to purchase goods and services online.

Being a prepaid payment method, it enables its users to budget their online spending in a conscious way while offering optimum security and convenience. For merchants, Aplauz is a powerful way to reach an untapped customer’s base with a very secure payment method which in addition enables the highest conversion rates. Thanks to its tight partnership with Own.Solutions distribution network, merchants can also use Aplauz as a customer acquisition tool and benefit from the opportunity to run highly targeted marketing campaigns in-store.